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Yes, for as little as $99 a year, we can get you or your company up on the web with your own Domain name, website and email system  Click here for more information on this plan.

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Are you looking for a inexpensive solution for Getting on the webGoeke Computer Services can get you onto the web for a fraction of the cost normally associated with getting a company or individual online!

Web Hosting

We offer low cost options for hosting your business or personal site, from a basic starter page, to a full up multi-page web site.

Already have a website?  Compare our costs with the others.  You will find we can move and host your website for a fraction of what others charge.


Goeke Computer Services can also facilitate in other computer areas like on-site hardware upgrades and even software development.


Check out the One Cost Website Hosting plans for a solution that will get you or your company on the web!

Renewing Your website?

If so, just click the button below to send $99 to Goeke Computer Services using PayPal.

(click Buy Now above to use PayPal)



Goeke Computer Services can handle most of your small business computer needs.  Contact us for more information on how we can help your business!

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