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That's only $8.25 a Month!  With this plan you can't afford not to have your business on the web!

Need Other services? Consider our $499 hosting and professional website. Also, additional website services are available in conjunction with this package or others, at a rate of only $60/hour!

Website Maintenance.  We can maintain your site at the same low rate of $60/hour, billed per half hour.

$99 Hosting

Welcome to our $99/year hosting plan.  For a limited time only, you can get a fully hosted domain name website and email system for this amazing low price!

One Cost Web Hosting!  What does that mean?  We will get your new or registered domain name hosted on an all inclusive, Windows 2000 web hosting provider. Utilizing automated tools, we can offer you a full-featured, cost-effective hosting plan, in a short amount of time.  In most cases, we can get a new site up and running within a day or so of signing up!

Here's what you get!

bulletYour domain name registered for one year.
bulletYour new or existing domain name hosted on a full featured Windows 2000 web hosting provider.
bulletThis one page website template, with your contact info and mission statement.
bulletUp to 10 email accounts configured for you for use with your email client and via a website interface (similar to hotmail).  More email accounts are available at the hourly rate.
bulletFull instructions on how to use and configure Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to access the email accounts, and how to access the mail via any web browser.
bulletUnmatched storage and web hosting capabilities (more info)

Don't have a website yet?

We include a very basic website for you when we setup your hosting.  If you want a regular professional website, we have our $499 hosting and professional website.  Also, for only $60/hour, we can work with you to create a custom website.  From a one page design which can be done in a hour or so, to a multi-page custom site.  We can also maintain the site (updates or changes) for you also for the same low rate.

Already have a website?

For the same price, you can have your existing site moved and hosted by us!  Compare our rates and see just how much you can save!

How do I get started!

Contact us at GoekeWeb indicating you would like to go with the $99 hosting plan.  Or just go to our Sign Up Now! page and complete the online form.  Once we receive payment, and the returned form, we will setup and configure your hosting and email accounts.


How do we offer so much for so little?

We are a small private outfit with very low overhead and have access to automated web hosting outfits, so combine the two for  amazing service at a fraction of the cost!.

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